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World over people are secretly living in pain. The pain of genuine mental distress that, unfortunately, is not considered to be serious enough to receive support from health professionals.

Do you, on an almost daily basis, struggle with the nervousness of anxiety? Are you under daily attack from the discouragement that comes from an onslaught of negative thoughts? And yet, your stress is not taken seriously by your family, your friends, your workplace and even the health professionals?

Stress is a modern-day scourge. Extreme stress is responsible for the signs and symptoms that come with anxiety and depression. Due to the stigma attached to mental health issues globally, and the ensuing lack of proportionate mental health resources in the health sector, stress is a burden that goes unmanaged for most people. A sad situation indeed.

By the time one’s distress is considered worthy of a health professional’s attention, stress will have crossed over into a depressive disorder or an anxiety disorder. In fact, Common Mental Disorders (CMDs) are the most prevalent mental health issues of our time. CMDs cover the continuum that makes up the struggle with anxious and negative thoughts.

Take the case of Chubby. She’s a dedicated, competent dentist at a London hospital. She is not sleeping well lately; she has unrelenting body aches, especially in her shoulders; she has burning pains in her left calf muscle; and she has taken to comfort eating. She’s constantly worried about the future. And she cannot seem to stop herself from a constant barrage of negative thoughts. She approaches her manager and expresses her concerns about her state of health. The manager, in good faith, tells her to stop worrying. The manager, a consultant maxilla-facial surgeon tells her that after all, Chubby is still able to do good dentistry with her clients.

Chubby is living in distress and she must put in more energy than she seems to have to get up and go to work every day. Yet all around her, people think that because she is still up and about, everything is okay.

She is secretly living in pain. One day, she gets a full-blown anxiety attack when she has gone shopping. She literally wets her pants, and cannot drive home. Her body freezes, in the middle of a busy shopping mall. An ambulance is called and rushes her to Accident & Emergency. Only then, after a complete breakdown, does she get the attention that she should have got long ago.

Chubby is not alone. Many of us are suffering in silence – from mental pain and distress. Yet there is enough evidence based research today that has unlocked the natural secrets that anyone can use to beat back stress at its own game. Beat stress back before it claims us and leads us down the painful path of an anxiety disorder or depression. Beat back stress before it robs us of the will to go on living. Beat back stress before it starts making us doubt ourselves and question the meaning of life.

The flagship program of REBEL THINKER LLC has been created to help alleviate the pain of those suffering in silence. This flagship program will restore your body, mind and brain back so that you naturally:

  • Sleep soundly
  • Regain a healthy, pain free body
  • Live an anxiety free life
  • Get rid of persistent negative thoughts
  • Laugh more instead of crying in the night when alone
  • Have more energy and focus to do your work
  • Learn how to beat stress anytime, anywhere.

Rebel Thinker LLC uses a SIMPLE yet POWERFUL 3 Step Method that promotes:

  • A powerful natural healing process in the body
  • Healthy thinking patterns in the brain
  • A Resilient emotional core in your mind

These 3 Steps are:


The first stage in your healing targets your body. Trauma research has proven beyond doubt that psychological and emotional trauma is literally stored in our bodies. This PHYSICAL TRAUMATIC ENERGY is stored in our musculo-skeletal system, and is translated as pains and aches in the body. Tight shoulders or calf muscles and unexplained body aches therefore become signals that our minds and brains are not alright.

Releasing the traumatic energy in your muscles leads to immediate relief from a painful, aching body. This will allow you to go about your daily activities without being limited by a painful body. Having a pain free body will automatically make you enjoy life once again.

THE BODY LEVEL ENTRY MODULE teaches you how to naturally RESTORE CALM TO YOUR BODY AND MIND. This module will show you 2 powerful strategies that you can immediately use anywhere, anytime. The first strategy has 3 components and the second strategy has 5 components. When you have mastered these 7 components you are ready to move on the second stage of healing.

With a calm mind and body, you now embark on learning how to identify and deal with the BIO-SOCIAL ROOTS of your stress response. The second stage of healing is THE THOUGHTS LEVEL ENTRY MODULE.

Each one of us has a unique stress response pattern which is a result of the interaction between personality and socio-emotional nurturance. This unique stress response pattern develops in our childhood. In other words, there is no generic solution to stress – everyone must have a stress management solution that is unique to them. With a stress management solution that responds to your unique stress response, you healing is more complete and longer lasting than when you use a generic stress busting solution.

The Thoughts Level Entry Module introduces you to a framework involving the 2 categories of CORE THOUGHT INFLUENCERS and 2 types of REALITY TESTING MODES.

The 5 core thought influencers readily guide you on identifying the root triggers of unhealthy thinking patterns. You will also learn what healthy thinking patterns are. The 5 reality testing modes show you how to move from unhealthy thinking patterns to more healthy thinking patterns.

The benefits of the 2nd Healing Stage are:

  • You will stop being overwhelmed by anxious thoughts. This will significantly reduce your worries and leave your mind free to explore a promising future.
  • You will stop being tortured by negative thoughts. This will bring back meaning into your life so that you no longer feel worthless.
  • You will stop living in the past and worrying about the future. This will bring back the joy that has been lacking in your life.

With a calm body and mind, and clear and focused thinking, the 3rd Stage of healing comes into play. Unique stress response patterns are set off by different emotional triggers for different people. THE EMOTIONS LEVEL ENTRY MODULE opens the door to your emotions.

You will learn:

  • What each of the 4 Basic Emotions is trying to tell you
  • How to effectively regulate each of the 4 Basic Emotions

In this module, the key principle to learn is that emotions are not our enemies. Indeed, emotions are a useful signalling system of our lives. Emotions are our friends. They notify us of the state of our body-mind. Emotions guide us to the answers to the question: “Is my body-mind state okay or not?”

Through informing us about our body-mind states emotions help us to navigate our social world and monitor our physical health. They say one should control their emotions. We at REBEL THINKER LLC prefer saying “one should be able to effectively manage their emotions”.

Managing your emotions will enable you to have a highly flexible emotional tone and healthy emotional resilience. Of course, the result of this is that you will no longer be terrorised by unruly emotions.

Instead, you will be able to use your emotions as a guide to:

  • Creating healthy boundaries in your social life. The benefit of healthy social boundaries is that you will stop being overwhelmed by demands that should never have been your responsibility in the first place. The deeper benefit of this is having peace of mind and being able to live life without feeling guilty.
  • Creating a safe body-mind space for yourself. Having a safe body-mind space will help you to let go of the anger and sadness in your life. You will be able to forgive others who have hurt you. And you will be able to forgive yourself. The deeper benefit of learning how to forgive is that letting go of the past releases pent-up traumatic energy and transforms it into a creative and productive energy that will push you to live by the VALUES you cherish, and not what others unrealistically expect of you. This is FREEDOM.




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